About Us

The Flag Company, Inc. began in 1989 as the result of creating a flag for a real estate agent to attract attention to a listing. From those humble beginnings, the business grew to include realty franchises, oil companies and hotel and restaurant chains.

Custom printing became an important part of the business, offering screen printing and digital printing for flags, bow flags and a variety of other specialized products, such as cold air balloons and tank targets for the military.

New products and niche markets are important parts of the business. These include Feel Good Light Ups for businesses, hospitals and schools and toothpick flags for restaurants and food companies.

Flagpoles are an important product and we offer flagpoles for residential and commercial use. We have provided flagpoles for many large and highly visible projects, including Manpower and Dow Chemical world headquarters, Ft. Bragg and Ft. Benning, IKEA and 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, our hometown.

The Flag Company, Inc. proudly distributes Valley Forge Flag products through this dedicated website. The prestigious Valley Forge brand is synonymous with high quality. Valley Forge Flag products include the Heritage Series and G-Spec Series in addition to the normal flags, flagpoles and accessories that are offered.